Earn Your Degree Through e4-12

For years you have wanted to pursue another degree. Now is the time. Piedmont offers one of the most valued degrees while being one of the most affordable available. The schedule is flexible, you can study in your time frame and earn your Master's in Ministry as you study in your own church with your people. Only 30 hours at $99 per hour with the e4-12 program.

If you decide you would rather work on a different degree

Check out the more than 50 areas of study offerings from Piedmont. The regular Piedmont online program offers flexible course schedules in 7 week segments and most degrees are fully online.

Piedmont is one of the most affordable accredited degrees you can receive.
Because you are in ministry several scholarships have been designed to help you with the cost.

Stevens Scholarship
Awarded to employees and their dependents who serve in missions and or not-for-profit Christian ministries. Tuition is based on need and students may receive up to a 1/3 tuition assistance grant.

  • Proof of eligibility must be submitted as follows:
    • Must be a full-time employee and/or dependents of a full-time employee of a not-for-profit Christian Ministry 
    • Must provide proof of employment or parent/spouse employment with non-profit
  • Undergraduates must complete a yearly FAFSA
  • General Scholarship Rule applies
  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Not stackable

Supporting Church Scholarship
Pastors who serve as full-time senior, associate or assistant pastors of churches supporting Piedmont International University at a minimum of $100.00 per month will received up to a ⅔ tuition assistance grant.

  • Upon application and support from the church there is a six month waiting period before benefit applies.
  • Student must maintain SAP
  • Grant applies to on campus or online students
  • Grant applies to undergraduate and graduate students
  • Church must be in good standing and current with payments
  • Undergraduate students must complete a FAFSA each year
  • General Scholarship Rule (GSR) applies
  • Non stackable
  • Application for scholarship is an annual requirement and must be completed minimum 30 days prior to start date.