EC102 Early Childhood Curriculum Design   2 hours
A comparative study of preschool programs, both traditional and innovative, with the intent of evaluating current available curriculum materials. Experience is provided in planning activities and programs that are developmentally appropriate for preschool children. Observations are completed in a number of preschool settings.

EC201 Trends and Problems in Early Childhood Education   2 hours
A course delineating the laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and responsibilities for operating a preschool or day care facility. Issues such as parental involvement, discipline, health, first aid, and abuse/neglect are discussed.

EC203 Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Education   3 hours
A course presenting methods and materials in language arts, mathematics, science, art, social studies, music, and physical education that are appropriate for preschool children. The emphasis is on manipulative and hands-on activities that develop readiness and basis for conceptual learning. (Course must be taken in residence at PIU; cannot be transferred from another institution.)

EC205 Assessment and Readiness   3 hours
This course focuses on observing young children in their learning environment for the purpose of developing and utilizing age-appropriate assessments to determine readiness for educational tasks and advancement.  Included is the interpretation of statistical measures related to the early years and grading procedures for the preschool classroom environment.

EC207 Infant and Toddler Development   3 hours
The study of the physical, social, spiritual, and cognitive development of children from birth to kindergarten.  It includes an emphasis on the relations between children and adults as they offer wise direction and guidance.

EC212 Internship   3 hours
Culminating experience in the early childhood program. The student spends time in a preschool setting observing teachers and planning and directing activities for children.