ED201 Foundations of Education   3 hours
This is the first education course for all teacher education majors. It examines the biblical, historical, philosophical, sociological, and legal foundations of education. It scans current trends and issues while introducing students to the profession of being a teacher and the process of becoming a graduate in the teacher education program. A number of assigned observations are required in local schools.

ED202 Early Field Experience   1 hour
An opportunity for students to observe and work in both Christian and public school settings for a designated number of hours over the course of a spring and fall semester. The Program Supervisor approves selection of schools in advance. During this course, students must take the PRACIS I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST).

ED203 Diverse Learners   3 hours
A survey course of issues related to diverse learners, including learning disabilities, mental disabilities, behavioral/emotional disabilities, visual, hearing, speech, and physical disabilities. Current trends, laws, services, instructional strategies and assessments for diverse learners in the regular classroom are discussed. Fieldwork is required.

ED301 Educational Psychology   3 hours
A course specializing in the field of traditional and contemporary educational theory. It examines the teaching and learning strategies associated with several domains, including the cognitive, affective, behavioral, and psychomotor. It also examines several significant classroom issues, including student discipline, motivation, and assessment.

ED302 Human Growth and Development   3 hours
A study of the development of personality in childhood. Attention is given to the child’s psychological equipment and learning processes. Adequate guidance and wise direction of the young child along with satisfactory child-adult relations are emphasized.

ED303 Educational Assessments   3 hours
This course addresses the various statistical measures and assessments used by teachers. Topics of study include strategies for assessment, types of assessments and assessment items, statistical measures in a school setting, and interpreting standardized test scores.

ED305 Educational Technology    3 hours
This course surveys the strategies and methods for using various educational technologies and supporting resources. The course emphasizes technology used by both the teacher and the students for research, support, creation, presentation, and assessment of learning using established standards from the International Society for Technology in Education.

ED311 Math for the Elementary Educator   3 hours
This is a course designed to enhance the math skills of elementary education majors, especially as they prepare for the MTEL exam. Skills in the areas of algebra, geometry, and other advanced math topics will be covered. Students will take practice math exams in preparation for the Pearson.

ED401 Reading in the Content Area   3 hours
A course that explores instructional methods for promoting literacy skills across secondary content areas. Part One of the course familiarizes future educators with diverse learners, old and new literacies, and multi-modal texts. Part Two introduces and illustrates instructional methods which enable students to make meaning out of texts, write in response to text, and develop confidence with literacy tasks. Effective lessons and unit planning are also emphasized.

ED410 Topics in Education   1-3 hours
An opportunity to explore topics or to design projects of special interest or concern. Topics of discussion vary. (Prerequisite: Approval of Division Chair, Professor, and Provost)

ED411 Teaching English in the Secondary School   3 hours
A course which examines materials, methods, procedures, assessments, and related topics in the teaching of English at the secondary level; the course also includes 6 hours of field work, to include observations and 3 teaching opportunities. Students are required to become familiar with the research in education. (Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education

ED413 Secondary Classroom Management   3 hours
A course that explores management decisions teachers must make, including the following: arranging the classroom space; creating a safe and positive learning environment; establishing reasonable goals, procedures, and rules; effective lesson planning and instruction; encouraging appropriate behavior; solving discipline problems; storing learning materials/resources; and using effective communication, with special attention paid to the increasing challenges of diverse and inclusive classrooms.  Course work involves 5 hours of field work, to include classroom observations and the compilation of a management portfolio. (Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education)

ED415 Teaching Secondary Bible   3 hours
A course specifically designed for individuals pursuing the minor in Secondary Bible Education. It covers the instructional strategies useful to effectively organize, teach, and assess a Bible class for adolescents in a Christian school setting. Students will become familiar with various Bible curricula, technologies, and methods for a successful learning environment. The course requires the student to conduct classroom observations and teacher interviews.