EDU501 Philosophy of Christian Education   3 hours
A survey of general philosophical principles and historical movements as a means to investigate the philosophies that have shaped western education in general, and Christian education in particular. Specific emphasis is on the evaluation of cultural, secular, and religious philosophies that contrast with a biblical-worldview.

EDU504 Applied Educational Psychology   3 hours
Guidance in assisting students to expand the understanding and application of the theories and concepts that enhance cognitive, affective, behavioral, and psychomotor development. It examines both traditional and contemporary theories in an attempt to frame the most effective educational environment. Participants will apply research to practical problems in education.

EDU507 Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction   3 hours
An examination of the essential elements of curriculum and models of instruction as related to the organization, design, implementation, and assessment of what happens in the classroom. It includes investigations of both traditional methods and contemporary research that provides a basis for the adoption of best practices in the learning environment.

EDU511 Curriculum Design   3 hours
A survey of areas of curriculum design with an emphasis on how it affects classroom instruction and assessment. Participants will enhance their understanding of curriculum design as it applies to such topics as scope and sequence, standard curriculum, and common core.

EDU512 Academic Measurements & Assessments   3 hours
A study focusing on the ability of teachers to understand, apply, and interpret statistical measures in the classroom and for standardized tests. The course will also include data interpretation and grade analysis skills.

EDU521 Instructional Practices (Elem. or Secondary Classroom)   3 hours
A course designed for educational leaders in either the elementary (grades 1-6) or secondary (grades 7-12) setting. It examines the research-based strategies that promote best instructional and assessment practices. Elements of study include instructional planning for the cognitive, behavioral, affective, and spiritual domains, plus reflection, evaluation, and strategies for biblical integration.

EDU533 The Exceptional Learner    3 hours
An examination of the issues related to the growth and education of students who have academic challenges and/or are academically and intellectually gifted. Topics include effective instructional strategies, legal requirements, and contemporary issues related to these students and their education.

EDU541 Reading & Writing in the Content Area   3 hours
A study of the reading process and the methods used in the teaching of reading and writing within various academic disciplines. Content of the course will focus on a distinct set of instructional strategies. The course will also study contemporary theories in content reading and writing.

EDU551 Technology that Enhances Education   3 hours
An examination of the field of instructional technology and the related components of a contemporary educational environment. Topics of study include how technology enhances classroom instruction, research, and personal productivity. The course will examine software applications, hardware components, Internet resources, and technology standards for learning.

EDU560 School Administration and Law   3 hours
A course that examines the legal aspects and administrative models for K-12 schools. Topics cover roles, responsibilities, and legal facets of school operations, including the board, administration, faculty, staff, volunteers, and students. Topics cover the models of effective school governance and the policies related to faculty, staff, and students as prescribed in contemporary research and various accreditation standards.

EDU570 School Finance & Budgeting   3 hours
A course addressing the means of effective financial management for K-12 school settings. Particular attention is given to private Christian school models and strategies of school finance, budgeting, and fund raising, including strategies for community support.

EDU612 Contemporary Literacy Strategies   3 hours
An exploration of the elements of literacy, including the developmental aspects of reading and writing. It also includes a study of the instructional practices essential for the progress of young and adolescent readers and writers. A variety of instructional practices, literacy programs, and educational models will be evaluated for their usefulness in the classroom.

EDU621 Special Topics in Education   3 hours
An examination of topics of special interest that are relevant to contemporary educational issues. A list of topics will be announced prior to the start of class. Independent study of approved topic(s) is possible with the permission of the Dean and supervision of a faculty member.

EDU635 Trends and Issues in Education   3 hours
An examination of issues, problems, and trends that relate to the broad field of education. Topics of study are dictated by contemporary trends and research, such as, debates about assessment and testing; education models; health of students; and analysis of current issues affecting school, family, community, and church relationships.

EDU640 Teaching in Higher Education   3 hours
A course designed to introduce the organization, instructional strategies, and practices of teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Topics include the college learner, course design and documentation, curriculum resources, assessment strategies, technology, and online learning. 

EDU681 Thesis or Professional Portfolio   3 hours
A capstone project intended to reflect a graduate level of knowledge and research skills as well as professional presentation skills.  Students will select a thesis research topic or design a portfolio relevant to their field of education. The project selection will be made at least halfway through the program of study and must be structured around a framework of acceptable professional standards.