EN201 Survey of British Literature I   3 hours
A survey of the major works of British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the Romantic period. Included is a survey of the trends in literature against a background of the history of England. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN202 Survey of British Literature II   3 hours
A study of the historical, philosophical, and literary characteristics of English literature, with an overview of the major literary works of the Romantic, Victorian, and Modern Periods and a brief investigation of the development of the English novel. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN204 Christian Classics   3 hours
A course which examines a variety of influential Christian fiction and non-fiction with a special emphasis on the rhetorical aspects of didactic literature. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN300 American Literature: Before 1865   3 hours
A survey of the major American authors and literary works from the pre-Colonial Period through literary Romanticism. Discussion is centered upon changes in literary styles, themes, and genres. The course also highlights the historical and cultural contexts of the literature and requires wide reading and analysis. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN302 Survey of World Literature   3 hours
A chronologically organized study of the great literatures of the world, including major works from Africa, the Middle East, Israel, China, Egypt, India, Japan, and native America, as well as representative works from the Western tradition.  

EN303 Adolescent Literature   3 hours
An overview of trade book literature generally read by students at the middle and secondary levels in English classrooms. The course will include a brief history of Young Adult Literature, identify the reasons for the proliferation of the genre in contemporary school settings, and explore the pedagogical uses of Young Adult Literatures as a tool for improving literacy skills, particularly among disadvantaged students, both in school and youth group settings. The course will require wide reading, analysis, and pedagogical application in key sub-genres of young adult literature, including contemporary realism, poetry, humor, adventure, sports, mysteries, fantasy, historical, dystopian, and science fiction.

EN304 Literary Criticism   3 hours
A study of the major philosophies and theories of literature, both classic and contemporary, with attention given to the student’s ability to practice literary criticism while developing an original approach to interpreting literature. (Prerequisite: GE102; Admission to Teacher Education for Secondary English education majors; recommendation of English faculty member for other majors)

EN305 British Romantic Poets   3 hours
A study of the major British Romantic poets of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The course will pay special attention to the historical and philosophical movements contributing to and arising from British Romanticism. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN307 Greek Drama   3 hours
A course exploring the history of Greek drama and its elements. The tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides will be emphasized. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN308 Shakespearean Drama   3 hours
A course which includes selected Shakespearean dramas studied in their historical and literary contexts. Attention is given to drama as a genre. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN310 Twentieth-Century American Short Story   3 hours
A survey of twentieth-century American short stories and their historical, cultural, and philosophical contexts. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN312 American Romanticism   3 hours
A study of the historical, philosophical, and literary development of American Romanticism with an emphasis on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Herman Melville. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN314 Twentieth-Century American Poetry   3 hours
A study of the major trends and themes in American poetry emerging in the middle and late twentieth century. The course begins with an overview of the poetic legacies of Whitman and Dickinson and traces developments in the different schools of poetry, including the Black Mountain School, the New York School, Beat Generation poets, San Francisco Renaissance and Confessional School poets. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN316 Elements of Composition   3 hours
A detailed study of the elements of composition, to include rhetorical principles and elements of English grammar necessary for effective development of academic compositions, particularly essays. Major emphasis will also be placed upon composition and grammar pedagogy in the English classroom.

EN320 American Literature: After 1865   3 hours
A survey of the major American authors and literary works, beginning with the movement toward realism after the Civil War, through the rise of literary modernism in the early 20th century, and into postmodernism. Discussion is centered upon changes in literary styles, themes, and genres. The course also highlights the historical and cultural contexts of the literature and requires wide reading and analysis. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN403 English Novel   3 hours
A survey of the English novel. The course includes a study of the significant characteristics and literary qualities of the novel and its historical development.

EN404 Milton   3 hours
A survey of representative selections from Milton’s poetry and prose. Special emphasis is given to Paradise Lost and to Milton’s theology and ethics. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN405 Victorian Literature: Prose & Poetry   3 hours
An examination of English poets, novelists, and essayists from 1832 to 1901 in light of their historical, theological, and philosophical contexts. (Prerequisites: GE101)

EN407 Early Twentieth-Century British Writers   3 hours
An examination of select British writers, Christian and non-Christian, of the early twentieth century in light of their philosophical, historical, and cultural contexts. The course focuses on understanding the ways in which writers have responded to the intellectual crises of the twentieth century. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN410 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)   3 hours
An overall review of the aspects of TESOL, including theories of second language acquisition, cultural and linguistic factors, and teaching techniques. Recommended for education and mission majors. (Prerequisite: GE101)

EN421 Education Practicum   1 hour
A course that includes readings, research, and discussions of such topics as classroom management, discipline, lesson plans, grading, and effective teaching; this course also includes designated hours of observation and practical assistance by the student in an approved school where he/she may intern as a student teacher. This course is only offered in the fall; thus, those students who will student teach in the spring must take this course the fall semester prior to student teaching and those who will student teach in the fall must take this course a year prior to student teaching. (Prerequisite: Admission to the School of Education and approval for Student Teaching)

EN422 Student Teaching   12 hours
A culminating experience in the Secondary English education program. This course includes pre-observation prior to full-time participation and teaching in the secondary education program of a local school under supervision of a qualified English teacher and College supervisor. (Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education and completion of scheduled education and English courses.) Special fee required.