The English minor is designed for those students who wish to receive instruction in composition and literature but who do not wish to enter a teaching profession. These students realize the value of such instruction for careers involving writing, editing, publishing, speaking, and preaching.



Piedmont International University has transformed my life and ministry for the Lord.  I chose this school for its consistent doctrinal teaching at all academic levels and for its dispensational approach to Scripture.  The faculty and staff go the extra mile to help students receive the best education possible.  If you want the best academic training for ministry, choose Piedmont!

Ward Harris, B.A.B.S, M.A.B.S., Ph.D. in Progress
Associate Pastor, Church Administrator, and Bible Teacher
Ripplemead, VA

Loved my time here. Solid teaching from loving and invested teachers and staff! They are compassionate, involved people that truly love God.

Kathryn Best
Consumer Sales Associate at Kaplan Early Learning Company




Upon completion of the program, the student should be equipped to do the following:

  • Appropriate the fundamentals of English grammar and usage to achieve excellence, in both written and oral contexts;
  • Analyze and apply rhetorical theory;
  • Interpret and evaluate a wide variety of literature using several critical approaches;
  • Synthesize biblical truths into the understanding of literature and the English language.



Summary of Required Hours

Total hours 18


Minor Completion Plan

EN201   Survey of British Literature I*     3 hours
EN202   Survey of British Literature II*
     3 hours
EN204   Christian Classics 
    3 hours
EN300   American Literature: Before 1865
     3 hours
EN302   Survey of World Literature*
    3 hours
EN303   Adolescent Literature
     3 hours
EN304   Literary Criticism
    3 hours
EN305   British Romantic Poets
     3 hours
EN308   Shakespearean Drama
     3 hours
EN310   Twentieth-Century American Short Story
     3 hours
EN312   American Romanticism
      3 hours
EN314   Twentieth-Century American Poetry
     3 hours
EN316   Elements of Composition
     3 hours
EN320   American Literature: After 1865*
     3 hours
EN403   English Novel
     3 hours
EN405   Victorian Literature: Prose & Poetry
     3 hours
EN407   Early Twentieth-Century British Writers
     3 hours

Total Required Hours  18

*One literature survey is required as a general education core requirement and cannot be used to meet the English minor.
GE101, GE102, and the one literature survey required for the General Education core cannot be used to satisfy the minor’s requirements.