Music Faculty

Dr. Ron Smith
Ms. Adonna Lucas
Mrs. Darlyn Cole

2015 Artist Series
and High School Choral & Band Festival

Every year the University has the privilege to set aside a day to appreciate the ministry of music. This year, our Artist Series will feature the music of Trinity which is comprised of Dr. and Mrs Faub and Robert Matthews.  The event will take place on Thursday, November 5, 2015 from 10:30am – 7:00pm.  Our featured musician will minister during our Thursday morning chapel service from 10:45am -11:30am at Salem Baptist Church. All are welcome and this event is free.

High school music instructors and their instrumental and choir students are invited to a full day of activities that will conclude with a student concert at 6:00pm (Note: instrumentalists should be able to play Grade Level 1-2 ½ music). Students will have the opportunity to learn and rehearse under highly qualified musicians and university instructors, rehearse with a variety of students from Piedmont and other area Christian schools, experience the uniqueness of Piedmont’s campus, where students are not just a number but are instructed and mentored by faculty and staff, and, finally, enjoy outstanding Christian music by musicians who have excelled in both the secular and Christian world.

A small charge of $11.50 per person will cover lunch and dinner and will be due by check-in time at 10:15am the day of the event. You may pay with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover prior to the event by calling 336.714.7937 or by mailing a check to:

Piedmont International University
Attn: Business Office
420 S. Broad Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Note: "Music Festival" on the memo line of the check.



10:15-10:45 AM - Guest Check-In (Salem Baptist Church Lobby)
10:45-11:30 AM - Artist Series Concert (Salem Baptist Auditorium)
11:45-12:30 PM - Choral Rehearsal (Salem Baptist Auditorium)
Band Rehearsal (Pope Activities Center)
12:30-1:15 PM - Lunch (Piedmont Cafeteria)
1:30-3:30 PM - Choral Rehearsal (Salem Baptist Auditorium)
Band Rehearsal (Pope Activities Center)
3:45-4:00 PM - Music PIU (Salem Baptist Auditorium)
4:15-5:00 PM - Dress Rehearsal (Salem Baptist Auditorium)
5:00-5:45 PM - Dinner (Piedmont Cafeteria)
6:00-6:45 PM - Concert Featuring PIU Faculty, PIU Students, and High School Participants


Music for Choral Participants:

  • "Glory to God" by Pepper Choplin SATB with Piano and Percussion, Lorenz 10/4693L, Pepper # 1050143
  • "The Coventry Carol" by Mark Hayes SATB with Piano, Alfred 43465, Pepper # 10515742

Music for Band Participants:

  • "Espana Cani" by Michael Story (Pepper #: 10066632)
  • "Air Force One" by Chris Bernotas (Pepper #: 10279940)
  • "American Frontier" by Chris Bernotas (Pepper #: 10312122)
  • Dr. Robert Faub, Band Director at Caldwell Academy and Professor of Saxophone at High Point University is arranging a piece for the festival. This selection will be provided at no charge.

Music can be ordered from J.W. Pepper by calling (336) 744-8397 or by visiting their website.