Foundations Fund

Piedmont stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of universities in the United States that systematically instill anti-Christian worldviews that deny God, mock the Bible, and promote various ungodly lifestyles and philosophies. Since 1945 Piedmont has continued to stand firmly on the Word of God. To this day, we still require a core of Bible courses in every undergraduate degree program.

The politically correct universities that sacrifice truth on the altar of popular opinion have friends and alumni who believe so strongly in them that billion-dollar giving campaigns have become the norm. We are asking those who believe in Piedmont to give generously to the University that is built on the scriptures and exists for the glory of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gifts to this fund will help all areas of the University and will greatly encourage all of us who take this stand knowing that you stand with us and support our mission of training God’s choice servants.