Mathematics and Computer Science

GC091   Developmental Math Plus     2 hours
An in-depth review of basic concepts in math for students, concepts recommended by the Academic Review Committee. Included are the general math operations and the rules that undergird college algebra and informal geometry. Credit is not applicable towards program completion.

GC092   Developmental Math     2 hours
A review of the basic concepts in math needed to ensure a proper foundation prior to taking college math. Included are the general math operations and the rules that undergird college algebra and informal geometry. Credit is not applicable towards program completion.

GC100   Introduction to Computers     1 hour
A course providing basic instruction in the areas of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and basic website publishing.  Students will work in both the Google Apps for Education and the Microsoft Office suites.  Both Windows and Macintosh computers may be used in this course.

GC101   Introduction to Computers (Music Ministry Emphasis)     1 hour
A course introducing students to software for music and worship applications such as EasyWorship, Finale, PowerPoint, SongShow, and Sonar.

GC103   Introduction to Computers (Technology in Ministry)     1 hour
A course introducing students to various uses for technology in ministry.  Selected emphases may include Bible software (Logos), worship software, administrative software, and website based ministry resources.

GC111   Mathematics Survey     3 hours
A study of the fundamental concepts of mathematics. Included are basic concepts of algebra, standards of measurement, intuitive geometry, consumer mathematics, probability, and statistics.

GC203   College Algebra     3 hours
A review of elementary algebra, equations, inequalities, relations, functions, graphing, complex numbers, polynomial, and rational functions.

GC205   Calculus I     4 hours
A study which includes limits, differentiation, anti-derivatives, curve sketching, maxima, minima, and points of inflection.

GC206   Calculus II     4 hours
A continuation of GC205 including a study of the integration of indefinite and definite integrals, areas under curves, volumes, logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric functions. (Prerequisite: GC205 or its equivalent)

GC301   Linear Algebra     3 hours
A study of the systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, and linear transformations.

GC308   Field Experience in Minor     2 hours
A course providing an opportunity for the student to apply his/her skills gained through classes in a selected minor. A University supervisor in the minor field will work with the student individually to implement an appropriate list of practical experiences.

GC401   Statistics/Special Topics     3 hours
A study of probability models, conditional probability, elements of combinatorial math, random variables, discrete and continuous probability distributions, expectations, random sampling, statistics, estimation, and confidence levels. A study of specialized topics in mathematics will also be included. Topics will vary.



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