GC207 Survey of Physical Science   3 hours
A course introducing the nature and origin of matter, energy, and physical processes. Included is a general overview of geology, astronomy, meteorology, and environmental concerns. (The math requirement should be completed before or taken concurrently with GC207. Lab required.)

GC208 General Biology Survey   3 hours
A survey of the more essential and practical facets of cell biology, botany, zoology, and physiology, with integration of biblical and scientific concepts of life and its function. A required lab is designed to acquaint the student with basic laboratory and microscope techniques.

GC307 Origins   3 hours
A course devoted to the study of origins from a literal day perspective and to the place of creation in a biblical worldview. Students will examine the scriptural support and the scientific evidence of creation from such fields as chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, genetics, and geology. Special topics in this course include the theory of evolution, the propositions of Intelligent Design, the Genesis Flood, and legal issues concerning the evolution/creation debate. Students will also find this course beneficial for their understanding in the area of biblical apologetics.