GE091   Basic English     3 hours
A course designed to bring the student up to the level of accomplishment necessary for University English grammar. English grammar in a written context is emphasized. Credit is not applicable towards program completion. A student must complete the course with a minimum of “C.”

GE101   English Composition I     3 hours
A course in essay writing which balances technical skills and rhetorical theory with a variety of readings.

GE102   English Composition II     3 hours
A continuation of GE101 with emphasis on research writing. The course also emphasizes the analysis and practice of argumentation and other rhetorical strategies. The MLA Handbook is the style guide. (Prerequisite: GE101)

GE301   Editing, Publication, and Technical Writing     3 hours
Instruction in professional communication skills. Emphasis is placed on research, textual analysis, argumentation, editing skills, and publication procedures.

GE308   Field Experience in Minor     2 hours
A course providing an opportunity for the student to apply his/her skills gained through classes in a selected minor. A faculty member in English works with the student individually to implement an appropriate list of practical experiences.




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