GH101 Survey of World History I   3 hours
A survey of the ancient Asian, African, and near Eastern civilizations, giving special emphasis to their social, cultural, and religious development. The course culminates in a study of western civilization from its Greco-Roman roots through the era of the Renaissance.

GH102 Survey of World History II   3 hours
A continuation of GH101. The emphasis is on Western Europe from the sixteenth century to the present, focusing on Europe’s growth to worldwide dominance. Nationalism, colonialism, revolutions, political systems, and intellectual patterns of emerging European civilizations are studied.

GH201 United States History to 1865   3 hours
A survey of the growth and development of the American nation from its beginning through the Civil War era. American political institutions, social and cultural character, economic patterns, and religious life are studied in context.

GH202 United States History since 1865   3 hours
A survey of the developments in the United States from the era of Reconstruction to the present. The issues of industrialization, urbanization, reform movements, depressions, world wars, and international relations are surveyed in the course.

GH204 American Government   3 hours
A study of the American political system with emphasis on the theory and practice of government. Topics include the Constitution, federalism, the three branches of government, civil rights, and liberties. The role of the Christian in the American political process will also be integrated into the course content.

GH301 Cultural Geography   3 hours
A course presenting human social institutions as they exist in various cultures. Introductory topics include physical, regional, and political geography. Further study in economic and cultural geography is incorporated into a comprehensive evaluation of current world events.

GH308 Field Experience in Minor   2 hours
A course providing an opportunity for the student to apply his/her skills gained through classes in a selected minor. A faculty member in history works with the student individually to implement an appropriate list of practical experiences.

GH401 Topics in Historical Research   3 hours
A course designed to explore historical issues of special interest and concern. Subject matter varies depending on faculty expertise and student interest.