GT080 Language Skills II   2 hours
A tutorial serving as a continuation of Reading and Study Strategies. Credit is not applicable towards program completion.

GT090 Methods of Bible Study   2 hours
A developmental course designed to improve the student’s reading and critical thinking skills in an academic environment that fosters spiritual and character growth. Credit is not applicable towards program completion.

GT100 Student Life Seminar   1 hour
An orientation course, distinctively biblical, that equips students to discover effective learning strategies as they begin their journey towards a certificate or degree. The content is designed to enrich relationships among many campus constituents, implement quality time management principles, and provide technology that will improve student efficiency inside and outside the classroom (student information system, apps, cloud based, researched based, and collaborative tools). The course culminates with a Life Plan Project, which will enhance a student’s self-awareness and will help them determine short-range plans based on long term goals.