Baptists for Israel Institute


AR 305  Biblical Archaeology     2 hours
Studies in methods and techniques used on Biblical sites in discovering, excavation, dating, and preserving archaeological finds. This course includes field trips to archaeological sites in the country as well as active participation in an archaeological dig in process.

AR 306   Archaeology of Jerusalem    2 hours
A study of the archaeology finds in this important Biblical city from the time of David through the first and second temple periods. This course is also enhanced by field trips to sites in the city.


BI 301   In the Footsteps of Jesus     2 hours
A study of the four gospels with special note given to the earthly life and ministry of the Messiah. Since the classroom is located near the shores of the Sea of Galilee and there are many field trips, the student is able to visualize the life and ministry of Jesus.

BI 310   Sharing in Israel’s Culture I     2 hours
A study of both the culture and customs of Israel along with a study of the Old and New Testaments as they relate to the land and the people. The student interns will be able to observe and sometimes participate in Biblical holidays.

BI 311   Sharing in Israel’s Culture II     2 hours
A continuation of BI 310, more intensive with added responsibilities.

BI 320   Israel in Prophecy     3 hours
A study of Biblical prophecy concerning Israel, emphasizing events in the 20th century that were foretold by the Hebrew prophets. On location study of prophecy and field trips allow the student to see and evaluate for himself the authenticity of these events as they relate to Biblical prophecy.

BI 401   Internship I     4 hours
Instead of offering the student intern hours in a classroom, this course offers a 24-hour-a-day internship of practical on-the-job training in Christian life and service. The student is required to keep a daily journal of experiences. Each student intern is assigned to an experienced staff member who meets weekly with the individual for prayer, evaluation and counsel.

BI 402    Internship II    4 hours
A continuation of  BI 401 Internship I for a second four-month period.

Other courses in Bible not listed may be taught in short modules by qualified visiting professors.


CO 301    Cross Cultural Communication     3 hours
A study of the principles and elements of cultural anthropology, communication theory and decision-making as applied to communicating the Bible across cultural barriers. This course is taught prior to going to Israel with advanced reading assigned. Field reports are completed in Israel.


LL 301    Beginning Conversational Hebrew     4 hours
An intensive introduction to modern Hebrew studying the script, sound, vocabulary, basic reading, and grammar. This course is taught by a Hebrew-speaking Israeli instructor.

LL 302    Intermediate Conversational Hebrew     4 hours
Prerequisite LL301. Increased reading, speaking skill, and grammar study.

Social Studies

SS 301    Historical Geography of Israel     3 hours
A study of the physical features of this Biblical land. The geology, soil, climate, topography and maps of Israel are studied. Archaeological, historical, and Biblical materials are correlated with important sites. A study of modern Israel is also undertaken with its variety of ethnic, military, religious, and political aspects. Many field trips and visits to museums enhance this class.

SS 302    Jewish History 586 BC to Present    3 hours
A survey of the Jewish people’s dispersion, wandering, suffering, and hope of return to Israel.

SS 303    History of Israel 1850 AD to Present    2 hours
A survey of the rise of Israel and its effect on the world, especially the Jews of the Diaspora.