IC101 Introduction to Missions   3 hours
An introduction to the basics of missionary life and ministry, incorporating focused research, spiritual preparation, and practical experience.

IC201 Missionary Life Experience   2 hours
An introduction to the basics of missionary life and ministry, incorporating focused research, spiritual preparation, and practical experience. Available to dual enrollment students as well as college students.

IC301 Trends and Problems in Missions   3 hours
A study of significant current trends and problems with emphasis placed on the missionary’s responsibilities.

IC302 Comparative Religions   3 hours
A survey of the major non-Christian religions of the world and of the cults and heresies prevalent today. Particular note is taken of the deviation in the teaching of each when brought into relationship to and compared with revealed Christianity.

IC304 Disciple Making & Church Planting in North America   3 hours
A study of relevant theories and practices as they relate to making disciples and planting churches in a North American context. Students will learn to develop a missional theology of making disciples and planting churches driven by contextually appropriate vision and biblically qualified values of gospel mission. Emphasis will be placed on examining the church planter’s calling, character, and capabilities.

IC305 Methods and Strategies in N. A. Church Planting   3 hours
A study of church planting models, methods, and strategies appropriate for a North American context. Students will learn to develop and implement a missional ecclesiology for leading new churches in making disciples and reproducing churches that will impact their projected contexts through the gospel. Emphasis will be placed on relevant church planting models, analyzing trends/demographics, networking with other churches/agencies, raising funds, and handling legal issues in a new church.

IC308 Field Experience in Minor   2 hours
A course providing an opportunity for the student to apply his/her skills gained through classes in a selected minor. A University supervisor in the minor field will work with the student individually to implement an appropriate list of practical experiences.

IC311 Missions Internship   3 hours
An internship program placing the prospective missionary under the supervision of the University and an experienced missionary. On-the-field training giving practical experience for at least six weeks is required. Before the student departs, he/she will receive instruction and practice in selecting and applying to a mission board and in developing necessary elements for missionary support (a resume, a prayer card, a presentation, prayer letters, and a website). Every student must bring back a daily diary plus a weekly evaluation of his/her work. He/She will also bring back an evaluation by his/her field supervisor for the course. Upon return, the student will also be involved in a doctrinal review (preparing a doctrinal statement with a philosophy of missions) and a doctrinal examination. A prescribed number of books will be read. (Prerequisite: IC405 Cross Cultural Communications and Missionary Interrelationships must be taken before departing on the trip.)

IC403 Philosophy of Missions and Church Planting   3 hours
A study of the New Testament principles of establishing local churches at home and abroad with an emphasis on objectives and methods. Significant attention will be devoted to the philosophy behind both missions and church planting. The student will do research about and write a report(s) on a prospective mission field(s) and mission agency(ies).

IC405 Cross Cultural Communication and Missionary Interrelationship   3 hours
A study of communication methods and skills and their application to communicating across cultural barriers. An emphasis will be placed on missionary interrelationships (including family, fellow missionaries, and nationals). Case studies are analyzed and practical applications are made.

IC406 Cultural Anthropology   3 hours
Introduction to principles of cultural anthropology: race and culture, social organization and kinship, primitive religions, cultural dynamics, and cross-cultural communication.

IC407 Contextualization in North American Mission   3 hours
A study of major issues at the intersection of theology, ecclesiology, missiology, and culture in a North American context. Students will learn to develop a missional philosophy of making disciples and planting churches through wisely engaging diverse contexts with the gospel. Emphasis will be placed on studying worldviews in a pluralistic culture, relating theology and culture to missionary practice, analyzing appropriate contextualization models, and making disciples in a post-Christian context.

IC408 North American Church Planting Practicum   3 hours
An internship program placing the prospective church planter under the supervision of the University, with an experienced North American church planter, and inside a church planting church. Students will engage in missional praxis that fosters disciple-making and church planting through on-field experience. The NACP program professor/director will help pair students with a church planting church or agency that fits their calling, character, capabilities, and context. Along with ministry assignments given by partnering church/agency, the student will complete and submit various assignments such as reading reports, a mission experience journal, and a church-planting prospectus. Monthly evaluation meetings with the NACP professor will be conducted in person or through videoconference. An evaluation of the student completed by the partnering church/agency leader will be submitted at the end of the practicum. The NACP 3 credit hour practicum should be 4-12 months long and online courses can be taken while on the field to complete degree. For students taking the Pastoral Studies minor, a 6 credit hour combined practicum will be completed over two semesters (minimum of 8 months). Prerequisite: IC304, IC305, and participating in at least one City Immersion Experience.

IC400 Missionary Biography   3 hours
A course in which missionary biographies are studied, analyzed, compared, and applied to the student’s life and ministry.

IC410 Topics in Missions   3 hours
A course providing opportunities for students to explore missions topics of special interest. Subject matter may vary depending on faculty expertise and student interest. Potential topics are open air evangelism, cross-cultural evangelism, campus ministry, urban ministry, or Muslim evangelism.

IC420 Basic Linguistics and Language Learning   3 hours
An introduction to the study of human language. Emphasis will be given to the study of articulatory phonetics. The course will be taught with the goal of preparing the student to learn another language within the context and culture of speakers of that language.

IC430 Reading And Research In Missiology   2 or 3 hours
Option A: Assignments given in accordance with the student’s interests and needs. Those assignments are monitored and completed for evaluation at the campus setting. Reading and research constitute the criteria for course credit.
Option B: The student is involved in a missions focused field experience utilizing a hands-on approach. The professor assigns a research project based upon the field experience.