Important Questions

What steps are taken to ensure safety?

  • Security Team
  • Emergency Notification
  • Keyless entry with programmed swipe cards
  • Privately keyed rooms in the Residence Hall

While no absolute guarantees can be made, please know the safety of our students, faculty and guests is a top priority. We have an on-site security team committed to maintaining safety and track record demonstrates that Piedmont is a safe campus.  Like many universities, Piedmont utilizes a text emergency notification system designed to inform of an incident or possible threat on campus with instructions of what to do. This is available to all students, faculty and staff and is free and easy to set up. All buildings on campus are equipped with a keyless entry that requires a programmed swipe card for entry. In the Residence Halls each room is privately keyed.  Click here for more information.

How can my child get a scholarship or financial aid ? More 96% of students at Piedmont receive one or more types of financial aid to help them with their school bill. To start finincial aid you must first complete FAFSA. Please contact our financial aid department for more information and help; they are very familiar with monies available and will be happy to assist you.

When should we fill out FAFSA?The short answer is as soon as possible. FAFSA will become available October 1 for the year before the start of the Academic Term. So for 2017-2018 Academic Year, the FAFSA will be available October 1, 2016. The FAFSA will use the federal tax data from your 2015 tax return. For 2018-2019 Academic year, the FAFSA will be available October 1, 2017. It will use the 2016 federal tax return data.

Is there a payment plan? How do we set this up? Yes, Piedmont has an agreement with College Foundation, Inc. (CFNC). You may contact CFNC at 866-866-CFNC(2362) or enroll online at You will need your estimated statement balance before calling to establish the payment agreement.

Click on the "Pay" tab and select the appropriate Installment Payment Plan that fits your budget. If you cannot find a payment plan that meets your budget, please contact the Financial Aid Office to ensure we have used all financial aid resources available to the student.

Are students required to live on campus? Yes. All single students under the age of 22 are required to live on campus or live with parents, grandparents, or married sibling near the school.

Can students choose their roommate or request a single room? Yes. Students may request a roommate and Student Services will attempt to honor the request. You may request and get a single room if one is available. However, there will be additional charges.

Are the rooms furnished? Yes. Major essential items are included with the room. Please see the resident hall information for a complete list and appliances that are allowed. 

Is there internet access in the dorm rooms? Yes, each room comes with internet access and most of the campus has wireless internet.

Do residence halls have laundry facilities? Yes, each hall includes a laundry room containing washing machines and dryers. Students will need to bring their own detergents, softeners, etc. Machines take quarters. Washing machines are $1.25 per load and dryers are $.75 cents a load.

How are the residence halls cleaned? Students are expected to maintain clean and orderly rooms. All students participate in a rotation of cleaning responsibilities for the upkeep of the public areas and shared facilities in their dorm.

Can students bring a refrigerator or microwave? Yes. Students may keep a personal refrigerator in their room if it has been manufactured since 1992 and is no larger than 3.1 cubic feet. Due to local fire regulations, microwaves are not permitted in rooms. Microwaves for student use are provided in residence hall lounges.

Can students have a car on campus? Yes, Students may have cars on campus and there are multiple parking lots available. Cars must be registered and display a proper decal. Cost is $25 per year.

Is there a meal plan? Yes. Resident students have their meals built into room and board costs.

Does Piedmont have a dress code? Yes. Class dress is required for all daytime classes, as well as chapel services and weekday lunches in the cafeteria. For specifics, please see the Student Life Guide (SLG).

Is there a curfew? All students are required to be in their dorm at 11:00 PM Monday – Thursday, and at midnight Friday – Sunday.

What sports does Piedmont offer? Piedmont International University's Athletics Department participates at the NCCAA Division II level. Visit our athletics page for more information.