Innovation Fund

In 2005 Spurgeon Baptist Bible College merged with Piedmont and the leaders of both schools believed we could have greater influence together than either could have done alone. They were right! Piedmont used the funds from the sale of the Spurgeon campus in Mulberry, FL to launch the Spurgeon School of Online Education by developing a variety of cutting edge educational innovations and investing in the necessary technology to support those efforts. The results have been far greater than any of us imagined as Piedmont’s enrollment has now grown over 250% since that merger, and students have enrolled from some ninety countries and all fifty states. More recently Piedmont developed flipped classes and integrated classrooms to improve education, provide ultimate student flexibility, and make accredited college education affordable.

However, this is not the time to rest on previous innovations or dated technology. Piedmont desires to stay on the cutting edge to serve more students than ever in greater ways than ever. One of many areas we are now discussing is the rapid move toward mobile technology. Most young people in America and other countries access the internet exclusively through mobile devices and Piedmont intends to develop educational delivery systems that will primarily utilize smartphones and tablets. All of these high tech innovations will require funding. Will you help us?