International Fund

In recent years Piedmont has begun doing institutionally what many of our alumni have done individually. Piedmont has graduated choice servants of our Lord who have carried the gospel to the very ends of the earth. They serve on every inhabited continent and the full extent of their impact on eternity will only be fully comprehended in heaven. Because of their international impact, our slogan for years was: “The sun never sets on the influence of Piedmont Bible College.”

Fifteen years ago Piedmont established a branch campus in Alexandria, Egypt and translated an entire Master’s degree into Arabic. Dozens of key leaders earned their degrees and have made significant impact across Egypt and the Middle East. A second branch campus was established in Bangladesh offering a Bachelor’s degree and PIU faculty continue to travel there on a regular basis to teach key leaders who have planted churches across the country. Next, we translated an entire Master’s degree into Spanish that is available online with students having enrolled from across Latin America. We are now preparing to translate a Master’s degree into Portuguese that will be available to students across Brazil and the Portuguese speaking world.

Recently, Dr. Petitt hosted several house church pastors at a meal in Shanghai, China. Some had traveled up to fourteen hours to join our PIU team for the evening meal and hear about our vision of offering online degrees in Chinese. They literally applauded when they heard that all of our (PIU) previous international experience was in preparation for China, one of the greatest gospel opportunities in the history of Christianity. Our goal is to be officially licensed in China which is easier said than done. Please pray.

Another incredible opportunity is India. Several influential leaders have approached Piedmont requesting collaboration to provide the highest levels of training for key Christian leaders and train those who will train thousands. Over one third of the world’s population live in India and China and we believe Piedmont is uniquely poised to have a significant impact in both. Please pray for us in this amazing opportunity and help us by sending a generous gift and/or begin monthly ongoing support to help us accomplish these worthwhile international endeavors.