LEA501 Introduction to Leadership   3 hours
This course provides an introduction to foundational concepts of leadership.  A thorough examination of these concepts utilizing discussion, analysis, and application, provides students with a strong platform upon which to build leadership skills and an understanding of further leadership principles. Students define and describe leaders, leading, and leadership, and actively engage in the study of the most current leadership research topics. Assessments are incorporated to help identify individual leadership styles. 

LEA503 Theories of Leadership   3 hours
With a variety of approaches to leadership practice, an understanding of the various leadership theories is vital to achieving success as a leader. Traditional and contemporary leadership theories, concepts, approaches, and issues will be examined in this course. Discussion forums will be incorporated to share experiences and perspectives.  

LEA504 Organizational Theory   3 hours
This course provides a basis for understanding the ideas behind and the practice of various theories of organizational leadership.  A comprehensive review of well researched theories and practitioner models are presented in this course including issues related to knowledge management, quality management, innovation management and the development of high performing teams and cultures.

LEA506 Conflict and Collaboration   3 hours
The fields of conflict/crisis resolution and collaboration have been developed academically as a discipline from diverse fields of knowledge that stress the importance of interpersonal skills in a variety of contexts. This course is designed to enhance the leader’s ability to address and resolve conflict or crisis effectively within an organization and on an individual level. This course will examine the theoretical underpinnings, practical implications, and best practices regarding conflict/crisis resolution and collaboration from a Christian worldview. Students will also learn to enhance their organizational and personal collaboration abilities.

LEA513 Leadership with Technology   3 hours
Topics addressed in this course include a survey of software and hardware, ethical considerations in the digital age, privacy, and security of data. The course will examine the use of modern technology to assist organizations. The role of the organizational leader in relation to technology is explored.

LEA603 Ethics in Leadership   3 hours
This course focuses on how the values and ethics of an organization are established, managed and influenced by leaders. Students will be challenged to recognize the ethical demands of leadership roles, assess their own personal ethical development, expand their ethical capacity, and produce ethical leadership through moral behavior and influence.

LEA611 Christian Perspectives on Leadership   3 hours
This course is provides an examination of foundational biblical principles and practices of leadership contextualized in comparison to contemporary leadership paradigms.  Students will synthesize and develop theoretical understandings and practical applications of leadership best practices through a Christian worldview.

LEA612 Organizational Finance   3 hours
This course will prepare leaders to read, develop, and write financial text for organizational leadership.

LEA613 Team Building   3 hours
This course involves the study of team dynamics and group processes. It includes the exploration of theory, practices, and applications of team development. Essential leadership skills that are necessary to facilitate team development and growth are addressed. The focus is on the team building process, assessment, roles and responsibilities, characteristics of successful teams, strategies for designing and supporting work teams, and high performance team management.

LEA652 Decision Making   3 hours
This course will examine processes and strategies, tactics and activities, and tasks and actions that leaders employ in the role of decision-making within an organization. Students will develop skills to diagnose a situation, design an approach, and lead a time to implement and assess outcomes.

LEA699 Leadership Capstone Project   3 hours
Students create a research portfolio, project, or thesis as synthesis of the program.

LEA700 Foundations in Leadership   3 hours
This course introduces the student to various seminal approaches and theories germane to the field of leadership. As well, the course focuses on practical issues and current concerns facing contemporary leaders. The student will use some of the salient leadership principles discussed throughout this course to develop their personal philosophy of leadership. Course work includes discussion forums, written assignments, and collaborative interaction. The course includes research activities including the use of data bases, writing an annotated bibliography, and identifying and minimizing researcher bias.

LEA701 Aspects of Leadership   3 hours
This course identifies and explores aspects of leadership. Special emphasis is placed upon the heart of the leader, the motivation that drives a leader, and a biblical approach to leadership. This course provides a comprehensive analysis of major leadership theories and models. The exploration and assessment of one’s personal leadership style and leadership dimensions contributes to a final course outcome of a leadership journey assessment and action plan for each student.

LEA702 Global Leadership    3 hours
This course is a study of effective leadership behaviors and practices in the context of a modern global economy. Participants will explore global thinking, cultural diversity, technological advances, and the importance of building partnerships and sharing leadership.

LEA703 Organizational Development    3 hours
The course is a critical study of effective and emerging leadership paradigms across a continuum of organizational structures.

LEA704 Organizational Communication   3 hours
This course is designed for the student to analyze and gain an understanding of organizational communication. Major components of a communication plan (essential building blocks, situation analysis, target audience, communication objectives, framing and developing the message, dissemination strategies, and measurement and evaluation) are examined. As a developmental exercise, the student will draft a 7-Step Organizational Communication plan that includes the basic components.

LEA705 Conflict Resolution   3 hours
This course studies a leader’s role in conflict resolution.

LEA801 Strategic Planning    3 hours
This course studies the interrelatedness and necessity of vision, mission and planning for organizational leadership and strategic planning as it impacts the nature and scope of organizational leadership.

LEA802 Organizational Change   3 hours
This course studies organizational decision making, organizational change including resistance to change, and organizational culture as it relates to decision making and change.

LEA803 Leadership Values and Ethics   3 hours
This course focuses on how the values and ethics of an organization are established, managed and influenced by leaders.

LEA804 Leadership Policy and Culture   3 hours
This course focuses on how the policy & culture of an organization are established, managed and influenced by leaders.

LEA807 Contemporary Issues in Leadership   3 hours
This course examines the major contemporary issues impacting leadership and are tailored to students’ areas of concentration. Students will evaluate the issues, attempt solutions, and develop personal professional positions. 

LEA810 Marketing for Leaders   3 hours
This course will explore multiple forms of communication within a leadership role in regards to strategic marketing efforts.  Emphases will be placed on writing, listening, speaking (both in verbal and nonverbal cues) and interpersonal communication with multiple constituencies and a variety of audiences. Topics to be addressed include: Development of a Marketing Plan, Primary and Secondary Research, Data Collection Methods, Measuring a Campaign, Cost-Benefits Analysis, and an advanced study of the Marketing Mix. Strategic advertising including utilization of the AIDA model and the use of a variety of social media tools will be addressed.

LEA811 Leading Leaders in Multi-Level Organizations    3 hours
This course will employ in-depth studies of diverse challenges that confront leaders of multi-level organizations. Topics include: Leading Followers by Example, Developing Leaders, The Leader’s Role in Multi-level Organizations, Delegation, Scheduling the Workload, Recruitment - Retention - Separation of Leaders, Conceptualization, The Participative and Shared Vision, Encouraging Employee Engagement, Succession Planning, and Obtaining Valid 360 degree Input and Feedback.

LEA812 Grant Writing Management and Program Evaluation    3 hours
This course is designed to provide doctoral students with the knowledge and skills to oversee grant related procedures for public or nonprofit agencies. Students will explore gaining funds through proposals. Course topics will include: How to Access a Funding Source and How to Oversee the Development of a Written Proposal. Oversight of the application of evaluation methods, data interpretation, record-keeping, report preparation, and accountability will also be emphasized.

LEA813 Educational Research Methods   3 hours
This course is designed to help education leaders understand and utilize data to help drive teacher professional development and student learning. This course will challenge students to design studies that address important and contemporary educational issues, gather and analyze applicable data, and derive conclusions based on the analyses. Topics to be covered include:  Purposes and types of educational research, Research Study chronological protocol, Developing Research Questions, Development and Validation of Assessment Instruments (e.g., surveys, attitude scales, questionnaires, rating scales, etc.), Types of Research designs, Data collection techniques, Sampling, Statistical Methods for Data Analysis, and Interpreting and Drawing Conclusions From Research Results.

LEA814 Teacher Supervision and Evaluation   3 hours
This course will focus on the effective use of teacher assessment methods and instruments. An emphasis will be placed upon supervision and evaluation practices that promote high standards and effective outcomes. It will include appropriate lessons, resources, theory to application assignments, and products to equip the leader with the knowledge, skills, and proclivity to be an exemplary, effective supervisor and evaluator.

LEA815 Personnel Administration   3 hours
This course examines the theories, principles, and practices of school personnel administration. There will be a focus on various personnel administration tasks including selection, in-service, performance evaluation, and professional negotiations. Topics include devising a personnel development plan, endorsing the value of career growth, and ongoing professional development. Students will be challenged to identify and apply equitable policies, criteria and processes for recruitment, selection, acclimation, retention, compensation and separation of personnel.

LEA816 Cross Cultural Ministry Leadership   3 hours
This course is a presentation of the principles and models of leadership practices in contexts of cross-cultural ministry and includes a consideration of the dimensions and manifestations of culture as they influence ministry. Students will be challenged to develop skills of intercultural awareness that lead to competencies in leading the global church.

LEA817 Team Leadership in a Ministry Setting   3 hours
This course is a study of principles for leading and developing ministry teams of volunteers in the church. Students will be challenged to investigate the biblical foundations of volunteer ministry as well as current theories, practices, and trends used in churches. Students will gain the competencies to motivate and mobilize volunteers for Christian ministries. The course will include a study of principles for working together in team ministry to develop, strengthen and maintain effective ministry teams in the church.

LEA818 Leadership Mentoring, Coaching, and Discipleship   3 hours
This course will focus on developing plans for training and equipping leaders for Christian ministries as an integral part of the church's mandate to make disciples. Students will gain the competencies to develop and train new leaders for Christian ministries. Students will be presented with formal and informal mentoring models, strategies, and applications.