Comprehensive Exam for the MA Ministry

Upon completion of the required courses for the MA Ministry degree program, students are required to pass a comprehensive exam that assesses both Bible knowledge and ministry skills attained throughout their course work at Piedmont. This comprehensive exam serves as a “capstone” to their degree and is designed to measure the student’s ability to apply that which has been learned to a real ministry setting. The comprehensive exam is a pass/fail, meaning that the student must earn at least 70/100 possible points to satisfy the academic requirement to graduate. If a student should not pass on their first attempt, they are allowed to retake the exam after a period of one month.

The student’s academic advisor will assist the student in enrolling the student in the exam, which is available during session 2 of each semester. During the 7-week period, the student will be enrolled in a Blackboard course that gives them access to the exam at any time throughout the session. During this time, students will be given a study guide to aid them in adequately preparing for the timed exam.


In the e4-12 program, there is no charge for the comprehensive exam. If you have more questions regarding the comprehensive exam, would like to sign up for the exam, or would like to attain an up-to-date study guide for preparation, please contact your academic advisor or the e4-12 office at PIU.