M_111-M_432   Performance Studies     1 or 2 hours per semester
A program of studies designed to develop the student’s skill in performing either in voice, piano, or an orchestral instrument. Repertoire will include major literature written for the particular area of study chosen in accordance with the student’s previous experience and development. Students taking Performance Studies for credit must attend a weekly Performance Class and take a final exam before appropriate music faculty in addition to their private lesson for each semester of study. Students may receive credit for only one course level per semester.

Performance Studies – Primary Instrument
Music degree students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment in Performance Studies in one primary instrument until all recital requirements are successfully completed. All students with a major in Music and Music Education must earn a grade of “C” in each course of the primary instrument. If a grade of a “D” or lower is earned, the student must repeat the course.

Students who are not majoring in music may study on a preparatory level without recital requirements. Students in the music minor program present a quarter recital (approximately 20 minutes) at the conclusion of five semesters of Performance Study.

Students in the B.S. Music Education program are expected to develop a functional proficiency in a primary instrument through a study of appropriate sacred and secular music. A quarter recital is required in the junior year, and a half recital is required in the senior year.

Students in the BA Music major program are expected to develop an advanced proficiency in their applied area. Additional work emphasizing advanced repertoire and technique culminates in a half recital in the junior year and a full recital in the senior year. Lab fee.

NOTE: See the table below for course numbers

Guitar musicianship is developed by an emphasis on the basics: reading music, scales, chords, and guitar and finger positions. Students will learn advanced scales and play through the range of the guitar. Classical style playing is developed, enabling the student to play hymns, folk tunes, and classical music. Applied Guitar is offered only at the preparatory level and for elective credit only. No guitar majors/minors.  Applied classical guitar is offered as a primary performance study for the degrees in church music and music education. Classical guitar is offered also in the music minor and worship leadership minor as well as an elective credit. Lab fee.

A set of courses designed to develop facility in keyboard techniques and a repertoire of sacred and art literature. Assignments are made in consideration of each student’s particular background and ability. Lab fee.

Secondary Skills
B.A. Church Music and B.S. Music Education majors are also required to develop complementary musicianship skills. Secondary skill requirements are determined following entrance evaluations. Typically, students whose primary instrument is voice will study piano, and students whose primary instrument is not voice will study voice and/or piano. Lab fee waived upon request when Primary Instrument Fee is assessed.

Private voice instruction including care and use of the voice, proper tone production, breathing, diction, and interpretation. A representative repertoire from sacred and secular art song literature, oratorio, arias, foreign language songs, spirituals, and gospel songs will be assigned.

Orchestral Instruments
Students with a background and interest in particular orchestral instrument will be placed with a teacher who will guide them through a program of courses designed to achieve a level of skill development especially as it relates to the classical and sacred repertoire representative of the chosen instrument.

Performance Studies Course Numbers

Music Minor,

Worship Leadership

Fine Arts Elective

Music Education Majors

Church Music Majors


M_111, M_112

M_211, M_212

M_311, M_312

M_411, M_412


M_121, M_122

M_221, M_222

M_321, M_322

M_421, M_422


M_131, M_132

M_231, M_232

M_331, M_332

M_431, M_432



MA = Saxophone

MF = Flute

ML = Clarinet

MG = Guitar*

MH = Harp

MM = Other

MN = Violin

MP = Piano

MR = Trombone

MO = Organ

MT = Trumpet

MV = Voice

*Applied Guitar for elective credit and Worship Leadership minor only.  No guitar majors.