MFC620 Human Development and Family Dynamics Across the Lifespan   3 hours
An examination of developmental theory and research as they relate to the interconnected roles of biology, family interaction, social context, and culture. The special tasks, challenges, and concerns for age-stage related issues are considered in light of applicable sound human development principles and appropriate counseling practices.

MFC622 Marriage Counseling   3 hours
An exploration of the major models of couples therapy as well as sound concepts foundational to marriage and relationship. The class also examines materials on major ruptures of the relational bond. Through readings, lectures, videos, and classroom participation, theoretical perspectives and therapeutic techniques for promoting healthy marriage relationships are considered.

MFC624 Family Counseling   3 hours
An examination of definitions of family relationships on the basis of sound principles and systematic models. Healthy and unhealthy family dynamics are evaluated for the goal of counseling families. Principles of healthy family dynamics are considered from generational and large-family perspectives. Nurture, prevention, and intervention to improve family life are discussed in a clinical setting.

MFC626 Professional Ethics in Counseling and Psychological Casework   3 hours
A study of normative standards of professional proactive in counseling that meet legal and ethical criteria. Appropriate case studies are evaluated in light of sound principles and applicable laws that help counselors to grow in their level of judgment for decision making in the context of potential ethical dilemmas and challenges.