MG111 Introduction to Management   3 hours
This course introduces the critical management skills involved in planning, structuring, controlling, and leading an organization while providing a framework for understanding issues involved in both managing and being managed in an organization to help students become more effective contributors in the workplace. This course examines the effect of organizations’ decisions in contexts including environment, strategy, structure, culture, tasks, people, and outputs.

MG113 Introduction to Marketing   3 hours
This course introduces students to concepts, analyses, and activities of marketing management, and provides practice in assessing and solving marketing problems. Topics include marketing strategy, customer behavior, segmentation, market research, product management, pricing, promotion, sales force management and competitive analysis.

MG222 Group Leadership and Communication   3 hours
This course is designed to build skills necessary for professional success by increasing the students’ understanding of leadership and communication in teams. Students will study literature on leadership, management communication, and group dynamics, and complete a field project that will provide a context to develop as a leader, practice communication skills, learn the nature of group work, and enhance their sensitivity to community issues.

MG224 Human Resources Management   3 hours
This course focuses on the constraints found in organizations with the formulation and implementation of human resource management policies in businesses such as labor markets, labor laws, and labor unions, and the correlation between these constraints and the competitiveness of American enterprise in the global economy.

MG243 Principles of Accounting   3 hours
This course is an introduction to the accounting process, with emphasis on identifying, recording, classifying, and interpreting transactions and other events relating to proprietorships and partnerships.

MG245 Management Information Systems   3 hours
This course will investigate issues relevant to effectively managing Information Technology (IT). The functions of an information systems organization will provide the basis for exploring challenges facing Management Information Systems (MIS) managers and e-Business (electronic business). Management of the fast and ever-changing Information Systems (IS) environment will be a recurring theme.

MG321 Marketing Strategy   3 hours
This course studies marketing as a general management responsibility that helps the student create, capture, and sustain customer value. The focus of this course is on the business unit and its network of channels to develop knowledge and skills for the application of advanced marketing frameworks, concepts, and methods for making strategic choices at the business level for customer relationship.

MG322 Entrepreneurship   3 hours
This course covers the various disciplines, activities, and skill sets found in entrepreneurs, and explains the physiological and analytical aspects of successful entrepreneurship, as well as the skill sets needed in the disciplines of management, marketing, accounting, operations, and law.

MG334 Corporate Responsibility and Ethics   3 hours
This course explores business responsibility from opposing theoretical and managerial perspectives by applying theories of ethics to various case studies in business focusing on moral issues in advertising and sales, hiring and promotion, financial management, corporate pollution, product safety, and international decision-making.

MG399 Management Internship   3 hours
The Management Intern Program (MIP) is comprised of 150 clock hours of practical work experience in actual business settings requiring the student to learn more about themselves, business operations, 21st century management components and daily practice with common functions connected to the representative business entity. The MIP is a field-based exploration using practical experience in a business setting tied to the student’s ministerial calling. Using a mentoring model, in which a representative (preferably the owner or CEO of said business) serves as the field supervisor for each student, this class illustrates “real-world” conditions. The course provides each student the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their career path, God’s call, their gifts and talents, and the real world demands of a working Christian. (must have completed at least 60 hours of study and 4 management courses)

MG436 Effective Executive Leadership   3 hours
This course focuses on growing the student’s capacity as a leader through customized lessons designed to improve performance and results at work, home, and in the community. Students will study highly effective leaders and the commonalities of great leadership.

MG437 Business Law   3 hours
This course explores the basic concepts and analysis of law and legal process with special emphasis on the legal regulation of business and contract law.

MG438 Managerial Economics   3 hours
This course introduces students to the application of microeconomic theory for the analysis of management problems in an economic framework. This course analyzes the successes and failures of market structures, such as monopoly and oligopoly, the development and use of market power, and strategic interaction among firms.