MGT510 Managing for Results   3 hours
This course gives attention to the knowledge and skills needed to grow and sustain performance in an organization, whether a full company, a department, a division, or other strategic business unit within an existing organization by getting the right things done through teams of people. The course addresses the common management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

MGT531 Marketing for Results   3 hours
This course gives attention to the knowledge and skills needed to manage the marketing function in a 21st century organization. The course addresses the common marketing functions of industry and market research, customer research, product and service design, pricing, creating awareness, distribution, and presentation.

MGT542 Managerial Accounting   3 hours
This course covers the application of basic and advanced accounting methods for the purpose of informing management decisions.

MGT622 Strategic Management   3 hours
This course will help students develop and refine their strategic decision-making skills as an individual and in working with a management team. Students will learn key decision-making concepts and processes necessary for developing and implementing long-term strategies that create a competitive advantage for their organization. Students will be able to understand factors that impact individual and group decision-making processes as well as tools and techniques to improve strategic decision-making.

MGT624 Human Resources Management   3 hours
This course focuses on the economic and institutional constraints on organizations in the formulation and implementation of human resource management policies and strategies in the United States and, as appropriate, internationally. The specific constraints discussed are labor markets (external and internal), labor laws (governing employment policies and employee relations), and labor unions (and threat thereof). Particular attention is paid to the relationship of these constraints to the competitiveness of American enterprise in the global economy.

MGT634 Compensation Management   3 hours
This course will provide an overview on the concepts of labor economics, organizational psychology, financial management, and actuarial science. Students learn how to apply compensation principles to organizational objectives and strategically use compensation systems to attract, motivate and retain employees.

MGT660 Negotiation and Conflict Management   3 hours
This course examines the art and science of negotiation and conflict management. Students learn strategies and styles concerning negotiation and conflict management within an employment context. Over the course of the class, students will engage in role-playing simulations that cover a range of topics concerning how to negotiate and how to handle conflicts within the workplace.

MGT661 Management Theory and History   3 hours
This course provides an overview of major schools or perspectives of management theory. The focus of the course is on the disciplinary foundations of management theory. The course also focuses on the rise of the concept of management as a distinct profession.