NM201 Marketing, Fundraising, and Public Relations   3 hours
An examination of basic principles in marketing, fundraising, and public relations as they apply to ministries and other nonprofit organizations. The curriculum will explore theories, best practices, and strategies for communication, publications, campaigns, and donor cultivation. Attention will also be given to specialized techniques related to planned giving and foundation grants.

NM202 Financial Management and Legal Issues   3 hours
An overview of basic financial and legal issues as they relate to nonprofit organizations. Special emphasis is given to financial reporting, budgeting, investments, asset management, planning, risk assessment, audits, IRS compliance, and obtaining/maintaining tax-exempt status.

NM301 Human Resources Management   3 hours
An in-depth look at human resource management in ministry environment. Topics include planning, recruiting, benefits, performance appraisals, training/development, and terminations. Special attention is given to current regulatory guidelines.

NM302 Organizational Behavior   3 hours
A study of various organizational issues in the nonprofit sector with an emphasis on the behavior of people within those structures. Special attention is given to employee motivation, leadership, change management and organizational conflict.

NM401 Strategic Management and Governance   3 hours
An examination of strategic planning concepts and responsibilities. Much emphasis is given to the roles of board members and executive officers, especially as those roles relate to mission/vision statements, policies, objectives, planning, and assessment. Leadership and management topics are explored and contrasted.

NM402 Management Information Systems   2 hours
A hands-on study of how technology is used to connect basic data with management needs. Emphasis is on the proper collection, structure, preservation, and reporting of organizational data for churches and other ministries. Students will learn the difference between spreadsheets and databases and how each are used to store, update, secure, and examine various forms of information. Special attention is given to Web 2.0 concepts and organizational intelligence.

NM403 Practicum   1 hour
Practical experience is required of all students who do not have at least one year of direct experience in the management of a nonprofit organization. The experience must include supervision, assessment, human resources and budget management. Each student must locate an opportunity to gain this experience for at least twelve weeks and receive approval from the instructor. Weekly reports, interviews, and assessments from the supervisor are used to evaluate the student’s performance.

NM404 Experience Portfolio   1 hour
Students who have at least two years of significant experience in the management of a nonprofit organization may qualify to use this option in order to satisfy the practicum requirement. Past experience must include supervisory responsibilities, assessment, human resources and budget management. A comprehensive portfolio will be developed during the course in order to document experiences and accomplishments. Students must be granted written permission from the instructor or Dean of the School of Christian Ministry in order to qualify for this option.