Payment Options

Once your financial aid eligibility is determined and you have received a Preliminary Semester Budget from the Financial Aid Office or a statement from Student Accounts, you are responsible to either:

  • Pay the Estimated Balance Due for the semester in full before classes begin, or
  • Enroll in our Payment Plan through College Foundation, Inc. (CFI/CFNC) before classes begin

Main campus students are required to use the payment plan through CFNC if they cannot pay for the semester in full by the start of the semester. Graduate and Online Students have the option to pay per course and make payments directly to the University. Contact Student Accounts to make a payment or to discuss your options.

CFNC is a nonprofit corporation that services North Carolina schools. Piedmont International University takes advantage of this service in order to provide our students more payment options. CFNC allows you to make up to five monthly payments for the fall and spring semesters or nine monthly payments for the school year.  It also offers flexible payment options: check, credit card or automatic withdrawal from your savings or checking account for a one-time enrollment fee.  Click here for enrollment deadlines and instructions.

If you are not utilizing the payment plan through CFNC, you can make your payments online or mail a check to:
Piedmont International University
Attn: Business Office
420 S. Broad Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101-5025

To make a payment over the phone with Visa, Discover, or MasterCard, call 336.714.7940.  Or, pay online using almost any major debit/credit card.


Click here to view payment options for international students.