Policy for Walking in Commencement

Piedmont International University holds its annual commencement ceremony at the end of each Spring semester. Students must apply to graduate using the Graduation Request form. Once approved, all students are strongly encouraged to participate in commencement for the conferring of the degree.

  • To march at commencement all work must be completed successfully.
  • To apply for graduation, complete the Graduation Request Form here.

A late fee of $50 may be charged to orders submitted or adjusted after January 15, 2019.

Read more about Commencement Activities, Rehearsal and Ceremony


Commencement Rehearsal

Salem Baptist Church
2:00 PM, Check-In at Pope Activities Center between 9am-1:30pm
All graduating students are required to attend. Family of graduates are encouraged to explore WS at this time (Old Salem).

Commencement Ceremony

Salem Baptist Church
7:00 PM, SBC Foyer opens at 5:45 PM: SBC Auditorium opens at 6:00 PM (no exceptions)
Graduates expected in SBC Fellowship Hall by 6:15 PM to line up.