PT101 Evangelism   2 hours
A study of the biblical mandate for evangelism, emphasizing the strategies used in both personal and group situations. The course includes a study of basic soteriology (the essential elements of the Gospel) and an introduction to discipleship.

PT202 Church Education 3 hours
An introduction to Christian education dealing with the practical implication of research in these areas: (1) local church educational ministry to children nursery age through 6th grade, (2) local church educational ministry to youth between grade 7 and grade 12, (3) local church educational ministry to young adults through senior adult age, (4) educational leadership in the local church including administration, curriculum selection, recruitment, training and retention of volunteers.

PT301 Homiletics   3 hours
A course treating preparation and delivery of sermons. Examination is made of the three traditional sermon types: topical, textual, and expositional. Class messages are required and constructive criticism given. (Prerequisite: GS201)

PT302 Expository Preaching   2 hours
A practical attempt to train expository preachers. A simple, workable method of expository sermon preparation is used for written and oral sermon. (Prerequisite: PT301)

PT401 Pastoral Counseling   3 hours
A course to instruct students in the principles of pastoral counseling and familiarize them with the various problems requiring counsel that may be encountered in a pastoral ministry. (Prerequisite: GP202; CO301)

PT402 Church Administration   3 hours
A course dealing with principles for leading a local church: Leadership, church polity, church constitutions, parliamentary procedures, ordinations, and budgets.

PT412 Pastoral Theology   2 hours
A formulation and study of the life and labors, liberties and restrictions, and relations and obligations of the minister of the gospel. Areas studied include visitation, weddings, funerals, pastoral ethics, and decorum.

PT41  Pastoral Internship   2 hours
A course designed to give the student practical experience in a pastoral ministry. The student, under supervision of University personnel, is placed in an intern relationship with a local pastor for 90 hours of direct involvement in church activity. Four student conferences with the professor are required to analyze the work done and to seek guidance. Detailed reports of the entire experience must be submitted to the professor.