Letter from the Dean, Dr. Harlie Miller

Welcome to the Moore School of Education, where there are two distinct career/ministry paths, each one undergirded by a strong core of biblical and general education courses.  First, there is the educational path, which studies early childhood and K-12 education.  This path advances an understanding of the effective processes needed in child and adolescent learning.  This path trains individuals as elementary, health/PE, music, and secondary English teachers. The second path is for deaf interpreting, which prepares individuals to be skilled communicators/interpreters in a variety of settings.

Students in these programs will have the opportunity to learn and develop the professional, personal, and spiritual dispositions necessary to be effective teachers or interpreters.  These skills develop under the supervision of an experienced and qualified faculty.  However, becoming a teacher or interpreter is much more than simply taking a series of courses.  It also involves many hours of supervised practical experiences and passing appropriate professional exams.

The Path of Educational Preparation
Becoming a teacher is a noble and worthy endeavor of one’s life.  It is impossible to measure the value and impact of an excellent teacher on the development and advancement of students.  The Scripture emphasizes the value of learning, the priority of wisdom, and the significance of godly teaching.  It is in that vein of thought that the Moore School of Education seeks to prepare educators for the twenty-first century. 

PIU has a long and successful history of preparing students to become effective educators.  Graduates are found in multiple schools environment in both administration and classroom settings.  It is the mission of the Moore School of Education to take capable students and develop in them the capacity and skills necessary to meet the challenges of today’s educational environment while applying the eternal principles of God’s Word.

Students in the teacher education program are prime candidates for Christian and mission schools, where biblical integration and discipleship are essential elements of the classroom.  Students also have the option of pursuing a state license*, qualifying them to teach in a public school setting or a Christian school that might require state licensure.

Graduates from PIU are granted initial certification from the American Association of Christian Schools and from The Association of Christian Schools International.  The Moore School of Education is approved by the Association of Christian Schools International through their Higher Education Approval Program (HEAP).

The Path of Deaf Interpreting
The purpose of the Sign Language Interpreting program is to provide high quality instruction and training in practical and theoretical issues, skills, knowledge, and professionalism pertaining to interpreting services for the deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, and hearing consumers.  The goal is for graduates to effectively minister as Christians in the deaf community, including churches, schools, hospitals, and government agencies, as professional interpreters.

Whichever path may interest you, we encourage you to discover how the Moore School of Education can prepare you for a life of ministry and service to others.  

 *State authorization to provide a program related to the preparation of teachers or other P-12 school/system personnel does not indicate eligibility for an Alabama professional educator or professional leadership certificate. Applicants who complete an educator preparation program at a non-Alabama institution must apply for an Alabama professional educator or leadership certificate through the Alabama Certificate Reciprocity Approach. Current requirements may be found at www.alsde.edu.


Articulation Agreement with Winston-Salem State University

Upon recommendation of the Education Faculty and the Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee of Winston-Salem State University (WSSU), specified Piedmont International University elementary education courses are now eligible for transfer and will be accepted for credit under the terms of an articulation agreement beginning in the first summer session of 2017. Please contact the Dean of the Moore School of Education, Dr. Harlie Miller, for more information concerning the exciting benefits of participating in this option.



Naming the School of Education

Out of profound appreciation for their generous contributions toward enhanced innovation and broader influence, the Trustees of Piedmont International University renamed the School of Education in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Arrell Moore on August 4, 2014.

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