SM201 Sports Psychology   3 hours
This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the factors influencing sports socialization and psychology. Through the study of special topics and field experiences, students will gain insight as to how psychological factors such as anxiety and motivation affect athletes’ peak performance. During the course students will examine certain athletes and coaches through case studies to determine the elements of success and failure as they pertain to the psychology of each athlete and/or coach.

SM211 Principles of Recreation & Leisure Services Management   3 hours
An examination of all areas of the recreational and leisure services field, ranging from non-profit entities such as parks and recreation, libraries and city recreational programs to businesses such as hotels, YMCA’s, restaurants, amusement parks, and country clubs. Students analyze operating problems and participate in case studies to enhance their knowledge and outlook on recreation and leisure facilities through operational management. Guests will include officers from all entities with expertise in all areas including owners of facilities.

SM301 Sports Facility and Event Management   3 hours
Included within their course are the elements which shape the planning and construction of sports facilities and the issues and problems involved in facility and event management including marketing, production, personnel and budget. Students may participate in the management of events. This course also includes visits to local facilities and a series of guest lecturers that are experts in the field.

SM305 Sports Information and Public Relations   3 hours
A comprehensive study of the sports information profession on the collegiate, professional and recreational levels. Included within the course are 1) the field of public relations, its history, and evolution, and 2) the skills and methods involved in the duties of the Sports Information Director (SID), Public Relations Specialist, and the current attitudes and concerns in media relations between athletes, coaches, administrators, and owners. Students are exposed to professionals in the field, as well as athletic events where the SID is involved.

SM311 Sports Marketing and Promotions   3 hours
An introduction to the principles of sports marketing and the application of these principles to sports and sports-related organizations. The primary focus of this course is on planning, with additional emphasis on promotions management. Time will be devoted to developing a specific marketing plan for a student selected sports promotional opportunity. (300-400 course)

SM411 Sports Financial Management   3 hours
This course provides students with facts, knowledge, and the opportunity to understand the true nature of financially operating a sports program, facility, recreational facility or organization. The student develops additional knowledge and insight by exposure to actual situations. This course helps future administrators become more effective financial managers when they plan and execute budgeting and accounting systems. Students will examine actual sports budgets and visit with on-site financial officers.