Coach with sports team



Students completing the minor in Sports Management will be prepared for a number of career possibilities in a variety of organizations, including professional sports teams, college athletic departments, sports media and marketing firms, merchandising and promotions, leisure and recreational services, and more. The main objective, for each student in study, is to combine the “hands on” experience of an internship in the field with classroom rigor and research highlighted by guest lecturers. This integrated approach combines principles and practice leading to a full and broad based educational experience leading to possible career in sports administration and management.



Upon completion of the program, the student will be equipped to:

  • Develop the skills and tools necessary to manage and lead a division within the sports areas of recreation, athletics or sports marketing
  • Use best practices to assist with the development and growth of sports management teams within the profession
  • Design and develop strategies to apply to any sports entity seeking management and leadership through careful planning
  • Research and develop articulated sports marketing and media as applied in sports today
  • Apply knowledge of legal and ethical practices as instructed in class and learned during study
  • Use sports psychology and team building techniques to advance the profession
  • Apply the latest technology and media applications for leadership and management practices
    in the field of sports management

Credit Hours

24 total hours

Minor Completion Plan

MG111 Introduction to Management** 3
MG321 Marketing Strategy** 3
MG399 Management Internship** 3
SM201 Sports Psychology* 3
SM211 Principles of Recreation & Leisure Scvs. Mgmt. 3
SM301 Sports Facility and Event Management 3
SM305 Sports Information and Public Relations 3
SM411 Sports Financial Management 3
  Total 24


*This course fulfills the General Education elective requirement for Social Science Elective.
**This course is part of the requirements for the BA in Management and Business Ethics.