Teach All Nations

The time has come to shift priorities and refocus our efforts toward a more biblical, effective, and up-to-date approach to world evangelism.

Please read the accompanying article that details the Scriptural priority, strategic advantages, and overwhelming financial improvements to be gained by implementing The Third Wave of World Evangelism. Dr. Charles Petitt writes from the vantage point of a lifetime of experience including a decade of direct international involvement as a missionary in the West Indies, four years of mission agency staff experience, a decade of presiding over a missions-oriented Bible college, ministry opportunities on five continents, and endless conversations with scores of nationals, missionaries, mission agency leaders, missions strategists, etc.

You will see how the same amount of money required to support one American missionary for only one month would enable Piedmont to train a key national leader for life! Said another way, for the same amount of money required to support one American missionary for a 35-year career, Piedmont can train two key nationals from every nation on earth! The strategic advantage is clear, but the strong Scriptural support may surprise you.

If you would like to help Piedmont produce gospel-spreading, church-multiplying, eternity-impacting nationals in every country on earth, please consider designating a significant gift so we can teach the teachers, train the trainers, and equip the equippers around the world. If you commit to at least one full $9,000 sponsorship, you will enjoy knowing that your gift alone is producing a key multiplier with the real potential of impacting thousands with the gospel of Jesus Christ and reproducing himself over and over for years to come. Full sponsors will also become members of the Teach All Nations Club and be kept informed of the gospel progress and ministry achievements accomplished by recipients of the Teach All Nations Scholarships.

It is time to build on the accomplishments of the Pioneer Missionaries and Historic Church Planters and implement the strategic Third Wave of World Evangelism. Please give serious consideration to helping fund this exciting endeavor by choosing from the following.

I would like to be a member of the Teach All Nations Club and will give $9,000 for one full sponsorship in the following amount(s).

  • $9,000 one time gift
  • $300 per month for 30 months
  • $150 per month for 60 months
  • Other

I cannot provide a full sponsorship at this time, but I would like to assist the Teach All Nations Initiative by donating the following.

  • $1,000
  • $500
  • $150
  • Other