Program-specific Requirements

In addition to the application and general items to submit for application, the following will be requested based on specific degree programs.

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, or
Master of Divinity

  • Upon evaluation of the student's transcript and ministry achievements, a GRE test may be requested (guidance will be provided on alternate testing options) to demonstrate an aptitude for graduate studies. A satisfactory score (50th percentile) is expected.

Master of Education

  • Vita Form – Submit explanation of your experience as an educator.
  • Letter of Recommendation – Letter to be sent via mail or as email attachment on official letterhead by your current school administrator; should include a copy of your most recent classroom observation.
  • Pending the overall quality of the application, candidates for admission may be required to obtain satisfactory scores (typically 50th percentile) on a standardized test such as the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), the MAT (Miller Analogies Test), or another approved academic exam (guidance will be provided on alternate testing options).

Doctor of Ministry

  • Current Résumé (or itemized listing of experience) - Submit this electronically to your assigned Admissions Counselor; this submission should include previous ministry experience and current ministry involvement.
  • Writing Sample - A book review or a scholarly, graded paper written for a seminary course

PhD in Leadership

  • Current Résumé - Submit this electronically to your assigned Admissions Counselor
  • Research Oriented Writing Sample – Sample to be submitted via email attachment directly to your assigned Admissions Counselor. Keep in mind the following when preparing your writing sample:
    • The sample should reflect well the applicant’s writing and research abilities. A research paper from your master’s studies will suffice.
    • The sample should be recent and indicate the applicant’s current writing skills, not past skills.
    • The sample should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to utilize a writing style format (e.g. APA, MLA, Turabian).
    • The sample should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to perform quality library research, including the integration of published research into an academic paper.