Student Activities

Undergraduate students are given several opportunities to engage in campus social life. All undergraduate students are automatically a part of these three groups:

  • Student’s School of Study
    These are centered around the academic school of your degree program and led by the faculty of that school . School groups meet on a regular basis throughout the semester to keep the students up to date on pertinent issues within their field of study.
  • Student’s Graduating Class
    A faculty member will work with class officers to guide students to graduation. Classes also do campus- wide events to raise money for community service projects. Classes are given community Chapel time for meetings. Classes provide a class officer to represent them on Student Council.
  • Student’s Society
    All main campus undergraduate students are placed on one of 6 Societies when accepted to the university. Online students may choose to participate in a Society by contacting Student Services.


All events sponsored by student organizations are for the social and cultural development of students and, therefore, students are encouraged to attend. Around Christmas, a great deal of activity takes place on campus. Over the years, PIU students have developed a reputation for treating guests and new people on campus with grace. It is the tradition of PIU to be friendly. New traditions are constantly forming. Many are sources of memorable campus fellowship. Most are just plain fun. Get involved!

Friday Night Events

On Friday nights, the University provides social events for students. Student Services, Student Council, and the Classes all participate in sponsoring events. Events examples are:

  • Movie and popcorn
  • Game nights
  • Group challenges
  • Capture the flag
  • Karaoke
  • Talent shows
  • Nerf wars
  • And more…


Intercollegiate sports are offered—women’s volleyball, women’s basketball, and men’s basketball. Tryouts for these teams are open to all students who are not on academic or disciplinary probation.

Student Organizations

There are several different and interesting organizations at PIU. Students seeking positions as class or campus organization officers, as members of gospel teams, or athletic teams, must meet the qualifications designated in the Student Council Constitution.

Class Officers

Class officers are elected each year by the members of each prospective class to perform the duties of directing the class for the purpose of class meetings, class fund raisers, and assorted other activities. Each new freshman class will elect officers during their first class meeting.

University Societies

All main campus undergraduate students are placed on one of 6 Societies when accepted to the university. Online students may choose to participate in a Society by contacting Student Services. Societies, like classes, have a faculty sponsor to help guide the student officers. Societies are the primary social system on campus. Society officers serve on the Student Council. The Society members will have opportunities to participate in intramural sports, social gatherings, community service projects, and Student Council competitions. Online students can choose to be added to a society by contacting Student Services.

The Societies are as follows:

  • Alpha Phi ΑΦ Black and White
  • Beta Sigma ΒΣ Black and Gold
  • Gamma Chi ΓΧ Black and Lt Purple
  • Pi Delta ΠΔ Black and Red
  • Zeta Phi ΖΦ Black and Lt Blue
  • Omega Nu ΩΝ Black and Lt Green

Please check out this link to see how Societies work and which Society you have been placed on.

University Clubs

Student Services provides a way for students to come together in interest- based groups. The type of club may vary and is designed around the intrests of the students. The only restriction is that it must be in line with the University’s mission and purpose. Membership in a club is completely voluntary. Clubs require 6 students, one employee sponsor, and must submit a Charter request. Initial administratively- approved Charters are for two years. After two years, clubs may re-apply for a 5-year Charter.

Student Council

Officers for the student council are voted on by the student body as a whole. Additional representatives are appointed from each class and Society. The Student Council’s members are responsible for planning social activities throughout the school year and serving on the Student Conduct and Student Guidance Committees.

FANAL Yearbook

The PIU yearbook is a written and pictorial record of events of PIU during a particular year. The Fanal is produced
by students in conjunction with Student Services.