Checking In/Checking Out

Check in Procedures

At the beginning of each semester students that have registered for the dorm must check-in with Student Services before moving into the dorm. Student Services will publish a check-in date. Dorms will not be available to students before the check-in date unless there are extenuating circumstances that are deemed appropriate by Student Services.

Room Availability

The resident halls are used to house PIU students during the two academic semesters only. When the semesters are not in session the resident halls undergo maintenance and are used as guest rooms for events.

Dorm Check-out Procedures

Students will not be permitted to check out of the residence hall until the Resident Assistant has checked his or her room. All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned and all furniture must be in place at this time. Students are expected to remove all personal items from the room. There is limited storage available during the summer months for student’s personal items. The following fines are in place to insure that proper procedure is followed:

  • Failure to check out properly - $75
  • Key lost or not turned in - $50
  • Dirty room - $20 to $50
  • Beds not properly assembled - $25
  • Furniture broken or missing - $50 + replacement cost
  • Light cover - $25+ replacement cost
  • Mattress missing or damaged - $25-$300
  • Damage to walls, doors, carpet, etc(depends on damage) $25 plus cost of repair
  • Screens missing or damaged - $50
  • Excessive un-cleanliness that requires service - $50
  • Failure to remove personal belongings/furniture - $50-$200