Student Conduct

It is the goal of Piedmont International University to provide a Christian atmosphere and one that challenges students to live a life pleasing to Christ, guided by biblical standards and manifesting the fruit of the Spirit. The University expects students to exemplify Christian love, consideration of the rights of others, honesty, and a high sense of Christian ethics. In keeping with that which Christ taught to be essential in the character of Christians, believers are to avoid gossiping, backbiting, and maligning of character.

Because we are a Christian University we must provide an atmosphere conducive to serious study and conducive to the development of strong Christian character. Inasmuch as the welfare of the group and the individual is best promoted by adequate accountability, appropriate rules and regulations are published in the Student Handbook . During registration for school, students must sign a signature page stating that they agree to abide by the guidelines.

Students whose general conduct and influence are considered to be out of harmony with the standards of this handbook or out of harmony with standards of life and work believed to be essential to the academic, spiritual, and social welfare of the University may be expelled, suspended, or refused readmission. The University reserves the right to request withdrawal even though there may be no specific breach of conduct calling for dismissal.


Piedmont International University encourages its students in Christian growth and maturity to develop spiritual leadership. PIU expects students to be Christian ladies and gentlemen not only in public but in the residence halls. Of course, PIU wants the residence halls to be a friendly and happy place in which to live; therefore, common courtesy and thoughtfulness are essential.

Unsafe pranks or behavior will not be tolerated since they are harmful to individuals and/or personal property. All violations of the provisions of this policy will be considered serious.

Functional fire equipment is considered essential to student safety. Tampering with fire equipment or alarms is considered a serious offense and will result in suspension for the first offense.

Student Dress

For the sake of community living and the edification of others, standards of dress are helpful. Our desire is that Piedmont’s standards of dress demonstrate modesty and appropriateness for the location and event. This establishment of standards is in keeping with Piedmont’s desire to train students to conduct themselves in a professional manner. While expressing individuality, members of the community should be careful to show deference to the convictions and preferences of others (Romans 15:1-2, I Corinthians 8:9-13).

Campus Life Dress
  • All clothing should be clean and modest; not tight-fitting or sheer; and worn in such a manner as to cover all undergarments.
  • Worn-out, torn, patched, tattered, or inappropriately faded or bleached clothing is not acceptable attire at any time.
  • Any clothing with written or visual messages, advertisements, etc. deemed offensive or inappropriate by any University official may not be worn.
  • Advertisements for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, etc. are not permitted.


  • All sheer tops should be worn with jackets, vests, or sweaters or with another shirt underneath.
  • Sleeveless tops must present a modest sleeve cut as to not expose undergarments.
  • Any tank-style tops worn on campus at any time, must be modest, not tight fitting, and must NOT display any undergarments.
  • No short cropped shirt or bare midriffs are permitted.
  • Necklines on all women’s tops and dresses must be modest.
  • While in public areas, men must wear shirts at all times. Tank-style tops with oversized arm holes and t-shirts with oversized arm holes are permitted only during athletic practices and activities. If they practice in these shirts, they must change before going to meals or “hanging out” on campus.


  • Low riding skirts are not to be worn
  • Women’s hemlines are to be no shorter than 2” above the top of the knee cap.
  • Slits in skirts are to be no higher than 2” above the knee.
  • Sundresses should be worn with a jacket or with a blouse or top underneath.


  • Low riding pants/shorts are not to be worn
  • Men are to wear belts
  • Spandex and tight-fitting leggings are considered hosiery/tights, not pants. Therefore, they are to be worn under a dress, skirt, or shorts that meet dress code.
  • In consideration of modesty and differences of body styles, all shorts should be worn with a modest fit and a length no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • This standard also applies to shorts worn with spandex or leggings.
  • When determining if cutoff shorts are of appropriate length, the fringe should not be included in the measurement. All cut-offs must be reasonably neat with no trailing strings.

Fashions in hair, jewelry, tattoos, accessories, etc. are frequently changing and are generally reflective of a person’s culture, age, ethnicity, and/or nationality. Piedmont’s policy on this issue is founded in Romans 14 and is characterized by a welcoming spirit and the absence of disputation over doubtful things. While decisions relating to these issues are largely a personal choice, the following institutional guidelines are in place:

  • Choices in style should take into account and respect particular ministry and professional standards. Specific requirements may apply to those settings.
  • Students are encouraged not to wear excessive jewelry.
  • Jewelry worn in visible piercings is limited to the ears.
  • Men should not wear hats in class or chapel.
  • The University reserves the right to restrict any style found to be contradictory to Scripture or the institutional mission.

Dress – Classrooms, Chapel and University Offices
Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm and all evening classes

  • Women – dresses, skirts, business casual tops (no t-shirts), dress slacks, khakis, jeans
  • Men - Collared shirts or turtlenecks tucked into dress slacks, khakis, or jeans with a belt. Pullover sweaters may also be worn.
  • Shoes – Casual and athletic shoes are permitted to be worn. “Flip-Flops”, Crocs, and/or slippers are not to be worn.

Dress - Athletic/Recreational
PE classes, athletic participation

  • Women - T-shirts, sweat pants, modest athletic shorts. Conservative one-piece swimsuits and/or tankini for women.
  • Men - T-shirts, sweat pants, modest athletic shorts and modest swim trunks (no Speedos) for men when swimming.

Dress - Everyday Casual
All areas/times not mentioned above including the Bruin Den

  • Women & Men - T-shirts, slacks, jeans, modest shorts, warm-up/jogging suits, athletic footwear, flip flops.

Our passion is to graduate men and women who are thoroughly equipped to be successful leaders who obey the Great Commandment, fulfill the Great Commission, and live abundant lives for the glory of God.