Holidays and Breaks

Fall and Spring Breaks:

 Students may have continuous use of their rooms while keeping in mind that the cafeteria is closed and no cooking is permitted in the rooms.

Christmas Holiday Break:

During this break, the students are expected to vacate the dorm within 24 hours of the last scheduled final. Written request for exception can be directed to the Director of Student Services. All campus services and the halls are either closed or diminished making life in the halls difficult.

Summer Break:

Selected rooms usually are available for summer residents. Students must be returning in the fall. Student rooms will be issued on a needs basis. A fee will be charged to use the room. Students requesting summer residency must keep in mind that it is temporary and the cafeteria is closed. No cooking permitted in rooms during summer months. Students are required to maintain their room and bathroom cleanliness during the summer. Failure to keep hall clean will result in fines and possible eviction.