Workshop #1: Ethics and Apologetics: Knowing What’s Right, Defending What’s True 

Wednesday, June 28, 8:30-3:30 and Thursday, June 29, 8:30-12:30 

This workshop is an examination of contemporary issues from a biblical worldview, including: abortion, euthanasia, sexuality, citizenship, war, capital punishment, arts & entertainment, and ecology. The goal is for educators to understand the issues and construct responses for a biblically integrated classroom. 

AACS Bible CEU credit: 1.0 ACSI Bible CEU credit: 1.6 

Cost: $40. Total Contact Hours: 10 


Workshop #2: Philosophy of Christian Education I 

Tuesday through Thursday, July 11-13, 8:30-3:30 

This workshop is part of the requirement for educators who need to satisfy the Philosophy of Christian Education portion of their professional certification. 

AACS educators must also attend Workshop #3. 

ACSI educators are not required to attend Workshop #3, however, they must complete other requirements (available at the ACSI website and at the workshop), including additional reading and writing assignments, including reading one of the following books before attending the workshop. o By Design: Developing a Philosophy of Education Informed by a Christian Worldview. Martha MacCullough, 2013 

  • Philosophy & Education: an introduction in Christian perspective. George R. Knight, 2006 (4th ed.) 
  • Teaching Redemptively. Donovan L. Graham, 2009 (2nd ed.) 

AACS Professional CEU credit: 1.8 ACSI Professional CEU credit: 3.0 

Cost: $90 Total Contact Hours: 18 


Workshop #3: Philosophy of Christian Education II 

Tuesday-Wednesday, July 18-19, 8:30-3:30 

This workshop completes the requirement for AACS educators. Attendees must have completed Workshop #2 to receive full credit for the requirement. AACS Professional CEU credit: 1.2 

Cost: $20 Total Contact Hours: 12 



You can earn professional CEU’s by attending a course in the Master of Education program. You don’t have to be enrolled in the M. Ed. program or come to every class. Participants simply attend a minimum of 10 hours between Monday and Friday of the module week. You have the flexibility to choose the hours and the days that best fit your schedule. Credits and costs vary, from a minimum of 1 CEU (10 contact hours for $40) to a maximum of 3 CEUs (30 contact hours for $90). 

Technology in Education, June 19-23, 8:00-5:00 

This course examines the field of instructional technology and the related components of a contemporary educational environment. Topics of study include how technology enhances classroom instruction, research, and personal productivity. The course will examine software applications, hardware components, Internet resources, and technology standards for learning. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop and/or tablet. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Enroll in a workshop by submitting a registration form and fee at least one-week ahead of the workshop date. Registration forms can be found at, follow the summer workshops link on the home page. Workshops are conducted on the campus of PIU. Each workshop has a minimum attendance requirement which, if not met, may cause the workshop to be canceled. It is possible to register later than one-week prior to the workshop. 

Requests or questions: Contact Dr. Harlie Miller, Dean of the Moore School of Education or 336-714-7969


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