Graduate and Doctoral Tuition and Fees (2016-2017)

Online and Modules
Registration Fee (per semester)$100.00
Tuition - Masters Courses (per credit hour)*$310.00
Tuition - D.Min. Courses (per credit hour)*$310.00
Tuition - Ph.D. Courses (per credit hour)*$450.00
Technology Fee (per course) $60.00
*A $100 price reduction will be applied for each credit hour beyond six in a semester (only applies to the 2016-17 year)
*The cost for auditing a course is 60% of tuition plus all applicable fees

Other Graduate School Fees
Room and Board (per semester) 24 or younger $3,300.00
Graduation Fee (one time)$125.00
Guest Room for Module (per week, as available) $70.00
Add or Drop a Course (after one week of class) $120.00
Directed Study Fee (per 3-credit course) $100.00
Transcripts $6.00
Annual Parking Pass $25.00
Course Challenge Fee $50.00

Exams, Dissertations and Oral Defense
M.A./M.A.B.S. Written Comprehensives $200.00
D.Min. Project Oral Defense $150.00
Ph.D. Residency Fee (Leadership program) $250.00
Ph.D. Language Proficiency Examination (per exam) $50.00
Ph.D. Written Comprehensive Examination $200.00
Ph.D. Oral Comprehensive Examination $100.00
Ph.D. Dissertation Oral Defense $100.00

Enrichment Fees (non-credit) - Per Course
Masters Courses $125.00
Masters Courses for Alumni $75.00 
 Ph.D. Courses $175.00  
Ph.D. Courses for Alumni $100.00 

MABS en Español
2016-17 Matrícula y Tasas de la MABS en Español
Matrícula por hora de crédito $310.00 
Tasa de la Graduación (tasa única) $125.00
Si usted tiene una relación verificable con Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM), y desea solicitar una beca de BMM para la MABS, haga clic aquí.
Para mayor información acerca de oportunidades para obtener becas, contactanos hoy.