Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (2016-2017)

On Campus
Tuition per credit hour (full time)  $295.00
Tuition per credit hour (part time)   $310.00
Registration Fee (per semester)   $100.00
Technology Fee (per course)   $60.00
Room and Board (per semester)  $3,300.00*
Juniors and seniors can select a 12-meal plan for $2,680.00* in place of the full plan. 
*The state of North Carolina began assessing a sales tax on college and university meal plans
in 2014. Piedmont must collect this tax and remit it to the state each semester. Currently, the
per semester tax is $136.27 for the full meal plan and $83.71 for those on the 12-meal plan

Undergraduate Online at Spurgeon School of Online Education
Tuition per credit hour (full time)   $295.00
Tuition per credit hour (part time)   $310.00
Registration Fee (per semester)   $100.00
Technology Fee (per course)   $60.00

Special Fees
Add/Drop a course (after one week of class)   $120.00
Graduation Fee   $125.00
Transcript Fee  $6.00
Annual Parking Pass   $25.00
Auditing a course = 60% of tuition plus applicable fees
Deaf Mentoring Fee (for selected sign language courses)   $85.00
Performance/Lab Fee (per semester for weekly half hour lessons)   $250.00
Student Teaching (EE422,MS422, PE422, EN422, EC212)   $250.00*  

Summer School

Registration Fee   $100.00
Tuition per credit hour   $295.00
Tuition per credit hour (part time student)   $310.00
Technology Fee (per course)   $60.00
Dorm Rent (per week)   $70.00

Dual Enrollment (For High School Juniors and Seniors)
Individual Rate per course (up to 7)   $299.00
Group Rate (8-14) per course  $2,100.00
Group Rate (15+) per person per course $160.00
Registration Fee  $100.00

Net Price Calculator

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires all colleges to provide a Net Price Calculator for first-time, full-time students.  The link below will allow you to calculate an estimate of what an average first-time student taking a full-time course load would pay at Piedmont after receiving Federal and institutional financial assistance.








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