The Worship Arts minor is designed so that a student will have a background and skill to develop, organize, and lead worship in a local church. The student will learn to coordinate the worship ministry by means of a senior project that will result in a worship service using this concept. The minor includes rehearsing a worship team organized by the student.



Upon completion of the program, the student should be equipped to do the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Scripture to integrate biblically sound theology as an essential foundation for leading worship
  • Implement creative, culturally relevant worship that considers the directives of the local church and serves the needs of the worshiping community
  • Exhibit technical, musical, and spiritual skills necessary to successfully lead others, resolve issues, and inspire growth
  • Cultivate team members and encourage development in musicianship and spiritual growth
  • Develop a dynamic worship community through leading, teaching, and modeling biblical worship

Credit Hours

24 total hours

Minor Completion Plan

MC112 Music Theory I*~ 3
MC114 Aural Skills I 1
MC209 Elements of Conducting 1
MC__ Song Writing Techniques 3
MV111 Performance Studies - Voice** 2
ME101-102 Chorale** 2
ME161-162 Chapel Band** 2
MC309 Principles of Worship Leadership 3
MC410 Worship Leadership Practicum 3
MC411 Designing and Leading Worship 3
MU__ Performance Studies - Guitar or  
MS101 Basic Piano Skills** 1
  Total 24


* MC112, Music Theory I, counts as the Fine Arts elective.
** Any combination of three credits using these courses will count for the General Education elective.
~ Any student taking MC112, Music Theory I, must first complete the Music Theory Placement Exam with a minimum score of 90. If the score is below 90 students must register for MC091, Music Fundamentals, in preparation for taking MC112.